It is time to take action. Our objectives are the specific, measurable steps that will help us achieve our mission together with our partners. The mission statement is specific and expresses the “what and how” of our effort, describing what our group is going to do to make the vision a reality. The mission is to develop trust and confidence in investment and financing decisions through collaborative planning, joint action, and policy advocacy. While our vision statement might inspire people to dream, our mission statement inspires us to action. Therefore it is concise, outcome-oriented, and inclusive.

Objectives follow our mission and drive our actions.

Objectives are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant to our mission, and timed with a date for completion. It is an important quality to all goals to make them challenging, since we stretch to make improvements that are significant to members of the community. We are mindful of the mission statement during every step of building our network. It determined our beginning, it determines growth, and it determines the future.

March 2023

In many posts on this website it is explained how objectives will be reached. Our broad approach for making change include advocacy, coalition building, association development, joint investment, education, networking and policy or legislative change. We encourage engagement in ratings for a wide range of subjects.

Our books and other publications are not an end in themselves, but the publicly visible results of disciplined projects. By launching a book project, we determine the timeline to achieve goals. These by-products for the public are constituent elements of a rating culture based on evidence, openness and transparency. Similar to charity concerts, book publications, magazine articles and blog posts are not made by RATING EVIDENCE for financial profit, even if every book so far has been a success for the renowned publishers we work with.

The action plan specifies in detail who will do what, by when, to make what changes happen. It also notes the resources needed, potential barriers or resistance, and collaborators or communication lines that need to be active. The action plan guides us through “do-able” steps. We can rely on this plan to know what actions we should take day by day.

Know more now, make a difference today, take action and contact us.

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