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  • Art Ratings and Tokenisation Will Feed Artists

    Art Ratings and Tokenisation Will Feed Artists

    A new art tokenisation platform is important news for the art rating industry. The rating of an artist is the indication that helps evaluate the value of an artwork, the rating of an artwork helps to understand the investment characteristics of art. 360X AG reports the successful completion of first Proof-of-Concept transactions with tokenised art.…

  • Comparing Art on One Platform

    Comparing Art on One Platform

    In response to the Corona restrictions for museums, art associations and galleries, bpar has established a central platform for specially digital art events with bpar.DIGITAL. It is a project of Beisel Public Art Relations, an initiative of Healthcom GmbH. Museums, art associations, galleries and collections can upload their digital art formats there free of charge.…

  • Why Art Rating Criteria Need to Be Repaired

    Why Art Rating Criteria Need to Be Repaired

    The Artprice Report, covering 20 years of Contemporary Art auction history, is a basis for understanding why evidence-based “art rating” is more important and urgent today than ever before. The complexity and global nature of the art market has never been greater. In the last two decades, decisive impetus came from China. “In 20 years,”…

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