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The Everling Internet Newsletter is legendary. Its history began on May 5, 1999. Since the IMF / World Bank meeting in September 1998, the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision had fundamentally revised international capital regulations for banks. The criticisms of the system of prudential capital requirements for credit risks at the time and the imbalance that had arisen in the market risk approach in previous years compared to the credit risk approach made the standardized credit rating weighting rules of the banking book in need of revision.

Everling Internet Newsletter

The first edition of the Everling Internet Newsletter was published on May 5, 1999. The short year of the 1999 newsletter is recorded as a “sample” in a separate volume and can be obtained inexpensively as a Kindle book from amazon.

An international discussion flared up that lasted for many years. Even before the first consultation paper was published, details were already available in the Everling Internet Newsletter. The focus of the Everling Internet Newsletter was on the discussion of the rating as it is created by banks and international agencies.

The Everling Internet Newsletter quickly reached a readership of several thousand top-class readers from rating agencies, banking regulators, central banks, credit institutions, insurance companies, industrial companies, accounting firms, consulting firms, tax consultants, associations, universities and many others.

Since the newsletter was created in particular from authentic transcripts and summaries of conferences, meetings and lectures, it became an important reference not only for some law firms in their evidence, but also for weekly reading in companies of all kinds in the financial sector.

Contents of the Everling Internet Newsletter can be researched in detail on Individual items in the newsletter can also be purchased from GENIOS. Each newsletter – with a few exceptions – consists of five articles.

Instead of a search in more than 900 Everling Internet Newsletters with a total of more than 4500 articles, you can also get all files here by a short download. You will receive a zip file that is easy to unzip. Clicking on the index.html file then shows the navigation through the website with all Everling Internet Newsletters. Searching is possible by calling up the years and within the year of the respective week.

The zip file is 18 MB. If you have any problem downloading or unpacking the zip file, we will be happy to help you. We are also happy to help you if you cannot find the index.html file. It’s really easy. Just give us a call on +49 69 772677.

The download and access to all files of the Everling Internet Newsletter is free for all paying subscribers. The Everling Internet Newsletter is entirely in German: Der Everling Internet Newsletter ist in deutscher Sprache.

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