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Ratings Are Not Always Fair Thus Need Rating Repair

Bring your thing to our workshop. As long as it has to do with ratings, evaluations and assessments in investment and financing issues, we are sure to be able to help you with RATING.REPAIR. Write to us or talk to us and find your problem fixed here.

What We Do For You

We have been dealing with rating systems for decades. We make our unique experience and knowledge available to you – by being guided by what you are looking for.

How It Works

Either you already know what you can find on our website in the protected area and now want to have your access activated. Or you haven’t found it yet but smell that we could deliver it. In any case, you become a subscriber in order to be able to access all areas of the website. Tell us what you’re looking for but haven’t found. Then we will show you relevant results or work to close the gap.

Lifelong Flat Rate Pricing

When it comes to subscriptions, many have the same experience. After a favorable entry-level offer, there are price increases. Or additional fees have to be paid for additional functions. The bag of tricks keeps spawning new ways of charging more money. Not with us! Anyone who has become a subscriber can cancel at any time, but whoever does not cancel pays the same price every month. No price increase! This is excluded by the system and is the promise controlled by and our payment service provider Stripe. Loyalty is rewarded, even if prices should be increased for new customers. Subscribe today to get this benefit forever.

It’s The Results That Count

Have you read the more than 20,000 pages in our books? No? No problem. We know what is where. Not only in our publications, but also in databases around the world. It’s the results that count. Whether one-time or ongoing, our services help you use ratings to make better decisions or to convincingly communicate the quality of assets and organizations.

No Risk

When you subscribe, you don’t take any risks. Your costs are limited to the one month rate. You can cancel at any time and decide every month whether it is still worth working with RATING.REPAIR.


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