RATING EVIDENCE – Our Company Enables Rating Repair For Businesses


RATING©REPAIR is a brand name and trademark of the company RATING EVIDENCE GmbH in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

At RATING EVIDENCE we believe in the many uses of evidence-based ratings. At the heart of what makes us different is our unique history. Our founder dared to become the first in Germany to concentrate exclusively on the rating industry, investing in rating services from its earliest inceptions. We’re powered by human insight and a collaborative culture with more than 1,000 authors, publishers, sponsors and partners from all over the world which drives us forward. Creating a world of trust and confidence is our mission.

Our company benefits from global interconnectedness and increasing speed of change. Small is beautiful. Flexibility helped us navigate to the most reliable rating systems. Our company is constantly called upon to provide insight and commentary. With our subscription offer we found the way to deal with inquiries from all over the world, drawing on over 30 years of experience on roughly 200 rating systems around the world. It is our ability to see things from every angle and simplify the complex that gives us the edge in an exciting time.

Our rigorous analysis and deep expertise questions market leading tools, methodologies, indices, research and analytical products. Our effors have helped investors manage risk and fund over decades of growth. The additional insight we provide around a rating exemplifies our commitment to transparent intelligence for issuers, investors and all other stakeholders.

Trusted for decades. With roots in the 1980s and independence of “Everling Advisory Services” since 1998, our company RATING EVIDENCE GmbH was founded in 2004 in Frankfurt am Main and has since supported customers from America to Europe to Asia. To date, our founder is the only shareholder, Dr. Oliver Everling. The company’s vision is to bring evidence-based ratings to all asset classes. We open up the benefits of evidence-based ratings and challenge traditional approaches. All of this helps people to allocate resources more efficiently, not only from a financial return perspective, but also from an ethical, ecological and social perspective. That is why he was among the first to invest in and commit to a sustainability rating agency in Germany.

We see ourselves as a small repair workshop for ratings. The idea of classifying with an ordinal rating scale – classifying with grades like in school – is as simple as it is convincing. The practical implementation and application is far from perfect. Even leading, recognized rating agencies with a history spanning more than 100 years disappoint investors and issuers time and again. Our virtual workshop helps with any repair of ratings, whether ratings miss their task, are too low, too high or used incorrectly.

Our RATING©REPAIRS are dedicated to individual issues. We work with our subscribers to solve the problems and make them available to our committed subscribers. It all looks like a simple subscription to a blog, in fact it is much more.