Our vision is to have assets and the reputation of counterparties rated by easily understandable, clear and objective classifications on rating scales.

An organization that independently produces judgments in the form of classifications is called a rating agency. If a neighbor passes by and tells his expectations about the performance of certain assets or expresses a clear opinion about his fellow human beings or about his employer’s company, for example, he does not yet become an evidence-based rating agency, even when using grades. An organization becomes only a rating agency if, in terms of its procedures and structure, it fulfills all the conditions necessary to be able to give calibrated ratings in the long term on the basis of reliable standards and to be legally recognized. Our company has been contributing to the development of this concept of evidence-based rating agencies and their expansion for decades. Renowned rating agencies have made use of our services, our capital investment and our support.

RATING EVIDENCE supports ownership positions in companies involved in rating activities, working with the boards and management teams of those institutions to maintain sustainable growth and increase their long-term competitiveness, thereby creating real value for all stakeholders. RATING EVIDENCE generally looks for sound business models in the rating industry that either promise to maintain clear market leadership positions or are overlooked, misunderstood, or in its early stages. It works in a hands-on and constructive manner to realize value-enhancement potential in operations, institutional strategy, organizational structure, corporate governance, focused marketing and professional communication. Rating advisory, rating agency, rating technology and rating repair are tagging our interests. Contact us if you are working on any of these or related topics.

What RATING EVIDENCE stands for: It is our aspiration to create value by devising, attaining and preserving the sustainable benefits of calibrated rating scales. The mission is to help make better informed investment and finance decisions by evidence-based ratings.

The company is not a rating agency, but a vehicle to support the creation, development and expansion of rating agencies, rating advisories, rating repairs and rating technologies with the funds, connections and opportunities that we have.

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