Our vision is to have assets and the reputation of counterparties rated by easily understandable, clear and objective classifications on rating scales.

In the 1980’s we at RATING EVIDENCE GmbH got to know the credit ratings done by American agencies. Even back then, these agencies were almost 80 years old, since they started operating shortly after the turn of the 19th century. For decades, there were comparatively few changes in these agencies, as it was not until the 1980s that computers became available in a scale that significantly changed the rules by which ratings could be created and disseminated.

The new information and communication technologies, coupled with advanced data processing, have enabled more data to be considered in the rating than ever before, as well as to deliver results to a wider audience. While US credit rating agencies were present in only a few dozen countries in the 1980s, today they are in more than 110 countries and joined by many more institutions providing ratings of all kinds all over the world.

With the emergence of new financial products, the areas of application of ratings also widened. Today, there is hardly any financial product that would not also be accessible to a rating. Due to the strong regulation of financial products, and in particular due to the different intervention of governments in the financial markets, numerous different rating approaches have developed. It is therefore important to work towards the comparability of ratings in order to provide investors with a better basis for decision-making.

In the future, social credit systems will play an increasingly important role as they imply an even more comprehensive judgment on natural and legal persons.

Our vision statement should not be confused with a mission statement which is present-based and designed to convey a sense of why the business exists to both members of the company and the external community. The vision statement, on the other hand, is more future-based and meant to inspire and give long-term direction. The vision is about goals for the future and how we will get there whereas the mission is about where we are now, what to do now and why RATING EVIDENCE exists. The vision motivates us to make a difference and be part of something bigger than ourselves.

While the mission statement focuses on the purpose of the brand, the vision statement looks to the fulfillment of that purpose. Although both mission and vision statements are core elements of our organization, the vision statement serves as the company’s guiding light. The vision is aspiration. The mission is actionable.

The vision statement should be thought of as part of a strategic plan. It is a tool that helps align and inspire to reach worthy goals. As such, the vision statement should be viewed as a living document that will be revisited and revised. If our partners don’t buy into our vision, we will never be able to carry it out. The vision statement is what we believe in. We make decisions and take actions that reflect our business’s vision.

It is in the nature of investment and financing decisions to be forward-looking. To make such decisions, complicated models have been developed. Understanding the results of such models often requires a high degree of expertise. However, every schoolchild understands the system of school grades, which is based on ordinal scales.

Deciding means choosing between alternatives. There are good, better and worse alternatives. This classification is called rating. Therefore our vision:

Our vision is to have assets and the reputation of counterparties rated by easily understandable, clear and objective classifications on rating scales.

Our world is becoming more complex every day. The knowledge of mankind multiplies and becomes more and more confusing. The division of labor is increasing and expert knowledge is needed in more and more sectors of the economy. Therefore, it is illusory that anybody could find the right answers to any possible question without cooperation with others. Search engines have already proven their power in terms of speed and reliability. But not every question can be answered simply by looking for a search engine result. Rather, we need ethically acceptable systems that help us with our decisions and simplify the comparison of alternative courses of action. Classifications by rating scales contribute to it, if they are provided by trustworthy systems and agencies.

The vision is a dream, a picture of the ideal conditions for our world community. As a unifying statement for our effort, it also reminds us what we are striving to reach and guides important decisions.

The few short catchy phrases of our vision and mission statements convey hopes for the future. It is understood and shared by members of our community, broad enough to include a diverse variety of perspectives, inspiring, uplifting and easy to communicate.

Understand our mission statement. Share our vision and mission.

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