Mission Statement

In our mission statement we want to provide you with a short statement of why RATING EVIDENCE exists, what the overall goal is, identifying the goal of our operations. By understanding the mission, you will get an idea of our activities and the kind of products or services we provide, our primary partners, sponsors, customers or market, and our geographical scope of operation, which is not limited to any country or continent.

In investment and financing decisions we see the most important decisions of people, be they entrepreneurs, managers, politicians or households. We are dedicated to the professionalization of investment and financing decisions by making use of the concept of rating scales.

What RATING EVIDENCE stands for: It is our aspiration to create value by devising, attaining and preserving the sustainable benefits of calibrated rating scales. The mission is to help make better informed investment and finance decisions by evidence-based ratings.

Between black and white we see the grays, between the simple “true” or “false” a more or less graduated evidence. With our engagements we participate in consultations, publications and ratings events on all investment and financing decisions. We encourage evidence-based ratings for a wide range of subjects. Therefore, we contribute to the establishment of rating systems, rating agencies, rating technologies and rating repair services as well as to the development of their application areas. By making new asset classes accessible to classifications through ratings, we contribute to a better, sustainable allocation of global capital resources.

  • What guides the company forward: Most companies still measure their success in currency units, in euros or dollars, for example. But the factors influencing success can not be modeled on just one number. On the one hand, it is not enough to merely describe investments, and on the other hand many circumstances can not be scaled cardinally. Classifications with ordinal rating scales are therefore a new or forgotten way to create more transparency for practical decisions. We are guided by the idea of applying ordinal scales to all kinds of asset classes.
  • How to focus energy and attention: The mission statement isn’t just our beginning. It stays with us through every decision. The simplicity of our mission statement requires us to isolate only the most important part of the company’s purpose. When the mission statement developed, we evaluated every option and decided what will best suit our company and its future. By talking through our decision process using the mission statement, we can help everybody engaging with us work through problems and ideas. The mission statement opens this communication and can refocus relationships that have been pulled apart in too many directions.
  • Why our mission statement sparks new ideas: While you are discussing and considering our mission statement, it may open you up to new ideas. Contact us: While it is important to have a solid foundation, the mission statement can also shift our perspective on our work. It can cause us to look at the company with a fresh set of eyes. Guided by the mission statement, we are always discovering new asset classes that can be subject to a rating.
  • How we shape company culture: Our mission statement not only dictates how the organization as a whole should act, but also how individual partners think about their roles. We leave no doubt as to what goals we aim to achieve by investing in rating agencies, rating advisories and rating repair services and all related businesses. Any company culture is a crucial aspect of happiness. We remove the uncertainty in jobs by clearly explaining our company’s purpose and our organizational values.
  • The mission statement establishes consistency: As we have grown our company over the last decades, we started establishing many different projects and investing in new businesses. Every step in growing the company runs the risk of losing our focus and our unique culture. The mission statement stops this mission-creep in its tracks, since everyone has something to refer to when making an important decision. Our mission statement makes sure that each individual facet of the organization internally and externally is working in concert. To establish this consistency, the mission statement is as clear as possible. We hope we made sure that there is no room for incorrect interpretation. For example, we do not want to be confused with a credit rating agency, even if we invest in some agencies which are registered and certified by the relevant authorities. We see ourselves as developers of the rating market and an evidence-based rating culture instead.

Our mission statement drives our actions.

What is our mission? How are our activities going to make peoples’ lives better? Our mission statement is a way of making this clear. It cuts through the noise and gets straight to the heart of our passion and vision. An exciting, energetic mission statement shows our enterprise’s dedication and determination. They form a vital aspect of our communications.

Understand our vision statement. Share our vision and mission.

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