Creating a World of Trust and Confidence

Every investment and financing decision is about choosing between alternatives. There are better, worse and equally good or equally bad alternatives. Anyone who uses resources with the aim of generating future benefits or earnings wants to compare. We call the decision-oriented classification of these options “rating”.

Meaning of rating evidence

At RATING EVIDENCE GmbH in Frankfurt am Main we believe in the many uses of evidence-based ratings. At the heart of what makes us different is our unique history: Daring to become the first in Germany to concentrate exclusively on the rating industry, investing in rating services from its earliest inceptions.

The endeavor is powered by human insight and a collaborative culture with more than 1,000 authors, publishers, sponsors and partners from all over the world which drives us forward. Creating a world of trust and confidence is at the heart of our mission. After a decade of work, the company RATING EVIDENCE GmbH emerged from Everling Advisory Services in 2004. More than 50 book publications, newsletters and blogs such as testify to the main areas of work and projects since the late 1980s.

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Creating a world of trust and confidence in the age of scarce resources, climate change and growing populations is the paramount challenge of mankind today. Ratings are a key to solutions, because easily understandable grades express judgments and priorities briefly, unambiguously and verifiably. Ratings mobilize the judgment of human and artificial intelligence and become a good in our division of labor.

The general idea of the use of ordinal scales in business is not new, but goes back to the 19th century. The basic principles of the work of leading rating agencies have remained unchanged for decades. On the one hand, however, the rapidly growing globalization of the economy and the importance of the financial markets have changed, and on the other hand, the technologies of information and communication, which today make unprecedented networking and a completely new use of human and artificial intelligence in ratings possible. In addition, more people than ever have to make decisions about assets and business relationships.

RATING©REPAIR is the name of the virtual repair shop as a B2B service, a brand name and trademark of RATING EVIDENCE GmbH.

With its unique domain it describes our cloud-based, virtual workshop. The integration and improvement of methodologies and the development of the use and application of ratings are our program. We have the tools ready and set up our workbench.

Ratings concern everyone who has to do with investment and financing decisions or to decide on business relationships. This includes financial institutions such as banks and insurance companies, capital management companies, rating agencies, but also companies and people from many other professions such as management consultants, lawyers, tax consultants, auditors or software developers.

What RATING EVIDENCE stands for: It is our aspiration to create value by devising, attaining and preserving the sustainable benefits of calibrated rating scales. The mission is to help make better informed investment and finance decisions by evidence-based ratings.

Our passion is the innovation and further development of rating approaches, the establishment and expansion of rating agencies, the integration of rating systems in decision-making processes and the support of research and teaching. We bring the competence together and get involved through participation.

We want to link existing data sources and develop new ones, further develop existing rating systems and extend them to previously untapped areas of application, force the use of ratings and enforce professional standards. Judgments about the economic efficiency of resource use are just as important here as ethical and ecological criteria and social impact assessments. Ratings are intended to help assess assets and the reputation of business partners fairly.

RATING EVIDENCE GmbH benefits from global interconnectedness and increasing speed of change. Small is beautiful. Flexibility helped us navigate to the most reliable rating systems. Our company is called upon to provide insight and commentary. With our subscription offer we found the way to deal with inquiries from all over the world, drawing on over 30 years of experience on rating systems around the world. It is our ability to see things from any angle and simplify the complex that gives us the edge in an exciting time.

Our vision is to have assets and the reputation of counterparties rated by easily understandable, clear and objective classifications on rating scales.

Rigorous analysis and deep expertise questions market leading tools, methodologies, indices, research and analytical products. Our efforts have helped investors manage risk and helped entrepreneurs get funding over decades of growth. The additional insight we provide around ratings exemplifies our commitment to transparent intelligence for issuers, investors and all other stakeholders.

With roots in the 1980s and independence of Everling Advisory Services since 1998, RATING EVIDENCE GmbH was founded in 2004 in Frankfurt am Main and has since supported customers from America to Europe to Asia. The company’s vision is to bring evidence-based ratings to all asset classes. We open up the benefits of evidence-based ratings and challenge traditional approaches. All of this helps people to allocate resources more efficiently, not only from a financial return perspective, but also from an ethical, ecological and social perspective.

The idea of classifying with an ordinal rating scale is as simple as it is convincing. The practical implementation and application is far from perfect. Even leading, recognized rating agencies with a history spanning more than 100 years but especially newbies with little experience disappoint investors and issuers time and again. The virtual rating repair workshop helps with any repair of ratings, whether ratings miss their task, are too low, too high or used incorrectly.

Repair Workshop for Ratings

We serve customers worldwide with our offer RATING©REPAIR. At the beginning of 2021 we have subscribers to our blog from the European Union, from Germany in particular, and from Non-EU countries of the world. About a third of the paying subscribers are based in Germany, another third in one of the other countries of the European Union and finally a third come from countries outside the European Union.

RATING©REPAIR is dedicated to individual issues. We work on topics raised by our subscribers or any other visitor of our blog, determined to solve problems and make solutions available to our paying subscribers. It is a simple subscription to a blog, the benefits are much more. Grab the tools and become a subscriber!


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