Gender Equality as a Competitive Advantage

The Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index (GEI) is including Moody’s Corporation for the third year in a row. Moody’s was recognized this year again for ongoing leadership in promoting gender equality among its peer companies in the global business community.

The rating agency is not just following a fashion trend here. Since questions about gender equality play a role in ESG ratings and are also mentioned by the United Nations as part of the Sustainable Development Goals, which have only been determining the actions of economic actors worldwide since 2015, this impression could arise. In fact, the agency has been able to gain an advantage for many years by being an attractive employer for women. Women are often the better analysts for a variety of reasons that cannot be explored here.

“Moody’s continued inclusion in Bloomberg’s Gender-Equality Index is a strong testament to our ongoing work to support women in the workplace,” said DK Bartley, Chief Diversity Officer at Moody’s. “As we look ahead, our actions will continue to be guided by our values – namely to foster an environment at Moody’s where all employees can thrive.”

The GEI is a reference index that measures and tracks the performance of public companies across five pillars: female leadership and talent pipeline, equal pay and gender pay parity, inclusive culture, anti-sexual harassment policies, and pro-women brand. The index is designed to help investors direct capital to companies committed to supporting gender equality through proactive policies and transparency.

What Moody’s is working on

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