The Only Credit Rating Agency Recognized by BaFin

A not so unique rating agency

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3 responses to “The Only Credit Rating Agency Recognized by BaFin”

  1. False Self-Portrayal of a Rating Agency – ^^^ RATING EVIDENCE GmbH Avatar

    […] misleading self-presentation of a local credit rating agency in Hamburg raised the question of what kind of representations are […]

  2. Which Rating Agencies The World Is Looking For In Germany – ^^^ RATING EVIDENCE GmbH Avatar

    […] reported in an earlier post (“The Only Credit Rating Agency Recognized by BaFin“), an agency recognized by the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) uses this […]

  3. “The Last” Credit Rating Agency “Recognized By BaFin” Has “Disappeared” – ^^^ RATING EVIDENCE GmbH Avatar

    […] its recognition by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authorityy (BaFin). It was reported on this blog. The catch is such recognition no longer […]

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