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Rating Repair Pricing Model

What makes the price positioning of our rating repair shop so unique.

Our RATING©REPAIR brand has only one price, namely only a single monthly subscription fee, billed by WordPress and the payment service provider Stripe. With this price we position ourselves between

  • the monthly subscription fees of newspapers, magazines and other data providers on the one hand and
  • the offers of consultants and consulting firms on the other.

Our price is higher than with other blogs and accounts because we want to know each and every subscriber and focus on their interests exactly. With our RATING©REPAIR service, however, we do not offer any individual management consultancy that is based on customized project definitions with milestones specifically set by customers. Our service is also not a machine-operated robo advisor.

We see ourselves more like editors who know their most important readers personally, or like consultants who deliver a message or replicable management approach that is relevant to many consulting customers. In any case, we seek a conversation with our subscribers to understand what research and information we can help with.

Advisory Markets

The price positioning can be illustrated as follows. The advisory market is characterized by the dimensions of the price (per unit of time or quantity) and the degree of individualized customization. The higher on the vertical axis, the higher the price. The further on the horizontal axis, the higher the level of individualization of the advice. At the bottom left are the offers of the media, for example the websites of leading newspapers and magazines as well as news services, which at best only cater to a very limited extent to the individual interests of users using cookies on their websites. At the top right, on the other hand, are the leading consulting firms that do not operate under daily rates less than several thousand euros and often only accept project orders if they have a budget of at least six figures. RATING©REPAIR is therefore positioning itself as the very first service between these providers in a niche that has so far remained completely vacant.

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