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GlobalCapital Celebrates KBRA

2021 Securitization Awards.

Kroll Bond Rating Agency (KBRA), a global full-service rating agency, was named “Securitization Rating Agency of the Year” by GlobalCapital at its U.S. Securitization Awards 2021.

“KBRA was founded in 2010 to set a standard of excellence and integrity, and we have been loyal to this notion since then,” Eric Thompson, Global Head of Structured Finance at KBRA, said. “It is an honor to be recognized by key market participants as the Securitization Rating Agency of the Year, proving that our founding principles and innovative approach have led us here. I’m proud to be part of a company that focuses on providing best-in-class service to investors—a common goal shared across all sectors.”

In 2011, KBRA issued its first rating in the CMBS sector. The company’s Structured Finance Group has since rated over 2,000 transactions. KBRA considers itself also a thought leader for its unique environmental, social, and governance (ESG) approach, setting them apart in the credit rating agency space.

“We look forward to continuing our engagement with the market and providing comprehensive, timely analysis,” Thompson said.

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