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Artec Technologies Upgraded

Artec technologies AG (ISIN DE0005209589) is once again awarded an eligibility status for central banks by the Deutsche Bundesbank as part of the current creditworthiness analysis.

“The credit rating is comparable to an investment grade rating from Standard & Poor’s according to the S&P’s rating scale, the credit rating for artec has been raised from BBB- (Triple B Minus) to BBB (Triple B)”, reports the company.

The balance sheets for the past three years form the basis for the credit check by the Deutsche Bundesbank. In addition, the company-specific circumstances, the current company development and the future potential are also included in the assessment. “The positioning in the competition is also analyzed”, emphasizes artec technologies.

The core of the creditworthiness analysis was the 2020 annual financial statements. During this period, artec technologies developed positively and met the forecasts. In principle, artec plans to continue its growth path in 2021 and beyond. AI-based solutions for security authorities and the media industry should continue to be the growth drivers of artec in the future.

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