white ceramic sculpture with black face mask

Guard the Livinguard

Face masks change the appearance of people, but also of companies.

The corona pandemic made many managers really familiar with video conferencing technologies. But it is still unusual when a member of the board of directors of a stock corporation gives its long-awaited lecture in front of around 70 participants from his moving car. He is also available for questions and answers – until a dead zone literally leaves the participants in the dark. “Antiviral face masks: How a start-up stirs up the world market” is the topic of this event.

Unusual entrepreneurs have unusual stories to tell. So the appearance described by Sanjeev Swamy, Chief Technology Officer of the spectacular Livinguard AG, which is based in Bahnhofstrasse in the Swiss city of Zug, fits the company’s claim. He raised money from KKR for his company.

“I first conceived of the Livinguard technology in 2010 when posed with an interesting technical challenge from a British Brigadier General friend. Since then, my partners and colleagues who have joined this journey have taken this technology beyond what I could have imagined back then. I am deeply humbled by our unique ability to help people and our planet today, and this couldn’t have been possible without years of learning from failure”, says Sanjeev Swamy.

There have been enough setbacks in the life of the Indian and now Switzerland fan. Sanjeev Swamy, born in 1961, has already experienced a lot. He reports that a factory in India burned down completely and he is still waiting for the insurance money. For him, other economic tragedies are not only associated with Douceur Sportswear Mgf. Co. Pvt. Ltd. in Mumbai, India, but also in Germany with Douceur Brands Germany GmbH, HUCKE BERLIN GmbH, BUSCH Fashion GmbH, Whoopi Fashion GmbH or Douceur Retail GmbH.

With his new attempt, Livinguard AG, Sanjeev Swamy is once again combining his technical ideas with experience from the textile industry. “The Livinguard technology has been scientifically proven to destroy >99.9% of SARS-CoV-2,” enthuses Sanjeev Swamy.

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