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How to Celebrate Best Asset Manager Ratings

Firstfive AG is Germany’s leading rating agency for assessing asset managers in wealth management.

The best asset managers are honored annually. Based on the Sharpe ratio, i.e. the risk-adjusted performance, the results from three risk classes are combined using a score. The best Sharpe ratio receives 33.33 points and is the benchmark for the following places. They receive points according to the percentage of the top result achieved. The winner is the bank / asset management company with the highest total number of points (out of a maximum of 100). The winner must show outstanding performance in three different investment strategies.

For three evaluation periods, firstfive AG honored the best asset management companies in a digital ceremony in the Villa Bonn in Frankfurt am Main. Despite the pandemic, the award ceremony took place again in a dignified setting, which is a good contrast to video conferences and webinars. The recording of the gala event was broadcast live on February 22nd, 2021 and is available here as video.

The winner in the 12-month rating is Rhein Asset Management S.A. The top placement in the 3- and 5-year rankings is again occupied by ODDO BHF Trust GmbH, which with a total of 3 podium places – as in the previous year – also achieved the best overall result of all participants. The best asset management companies have to show top performance in three different risk classes in order to achieve top positions. This demanding task gives the firstfive Awards a particularly high priority.

“Our evaluations are made on the basis of real depots. The firstfive AG database of around 180 depots is unique and we distinguish ourselves from performance projects or depot contests from other institutions not be identical”, emphasizes Jürgen Lampe, CEO of firstfive AG.

The award-winning duo Liisa Randalu (viola) and Erik Schumann (violin) provided top-class accompanying chamber music. The members of the Schumann Quartet played Duetto No. 2 by F.A. Hoffmeister in C major and songs by Franz Schubert, including the Erlkönig.

Another highlight was the tasting of award-winning St. Kilian whiskeys from Germany’s largest distillery, in which the digital guests were able to participate in real life thanks to samples sent in advance. Not the risk / return ratio but look, smell, taste and run down are the evaluation criteria for a whiskey. Mr. Andreas Thümmler, founder and managing director of St. Kilian Distillers GmbH, explained the pot still process for the production of single malt whiskey according to Scottish tradition. He also showed investment opportunities in premium whiskey with exceptional return opportunities, which you can look at again here.

This year in the 12 month rating, Rhein Asset Management S.A. was just ahead of the game. 1st and 2nd place in the dynamic risk classes and a good 6th place in the balanced class were enough for the Luxembourgers to win the overall ranking. Mainly technology stocks from the USA made above-average performance contributions. Volksbank Kraichgau eG had to be content with second place, just beaten. With a slightly larger gap, ODDO BHF Trust GmbH reached 3rd place

Results overview – 12 months

  1. Rhein Asset Management S.A., Wasserbillig [81.2 pts.]
  2. Volksbank Kraichgau eG, Wiesloch. [79.8 pts.]
  3. ODDO BHF Trust GmbH, Frankfurt a. M. [68.1 pts.]
  4. LIQID Asset Management GmbH, Berlin [52.0 points]
  5. DJE Kapital AG, Pullach [47.2 pts.]

“We are very happy about the award for first place in the 1-year ranking in this very moving and demanding year 2020! The pandemic with all its effects presented us with unforeseen challenges in the past year. It is precisely in such phases that we as asset managers need keeping a cool head and making intelligent decisions. We are all the more proud that we were able to increase the assets entrusted to us by our clients even in this difficult phase. The early identification of global trends in connection with our risk-adjusted strategy was again the basis of our success”, said Mark Bügers, Managing Partner, Rhein Asset Management S.A.

“The second place in the 3-year rating and 3rd place in the 5-year rating also show that our investment strategy is sustainable and successful regardless of short-term market trends”, continued Bügers. “The Covid-19 crisis in particular has strengthened our investment process once again. The selection of stocks that benefit from global growth issues and meet our criteria is the foundation of our philosophy. At this point, it is particularly important to us to thank our customers for their loyalty and trust.”

In the 3-year ranking, top placements in the moderately dynamic and dynamic class gave ODDO BHF Trust GmbH 1st place with a clear lead. Rhein Asset Management S.A. took second place, followed by Hauck & Aufhäuser Privatbankiers AG.

Von links: Jürgen Lampe (firstfive), Tilo Wannow (Oddo BHF Trust), Mark Bügers (Rhein Asset Management), Prof. Jan Viebig (Oddo BHF Trust), Antje Erhard [Fotomontage firstfive AG]

Results overview – 36 months

  1. ODDO BHF Trust GmbH, Frankfurt a. M. [97.4 pts.]
  2. Rhein Asset Management S.A., Wasserbillig [85.7 pts.]
  3. Hauck & Aufhäuser Privatbankiers AG, Frankfurt a.M. [76.2 points]
  4. LIQID Asset Management GmbH, Berlin [70.0 points]
  5. Hypo Tirol Bank AG, Innsbruck. [69.0 pts.]

In the supreme discipline, the 5-year evaluation, ODDO BHF Trust GmbH from Frankfurt a.M. was able to defend last year’s victory with a very narrow lead. Successful stock picking in Europe and North America remains the basis of success. LIQID Asset Management GmbH, the digital asset management company from Berlin, has to be content with second place. Rhein Asset Management S.A. from Wasserbillig secured another place on the podium.

Results overview – 60 months

  1. ODDO BHF Trust GmbH, Frankfurt a.M. [96.7 points]
  2. LIQID Asset Management GmbH, Berlin [95.2 points]
  3. Rhein Asset Management S.A., Wasserbillig [92.1 points]
  4. Hauck & Aufhäuser Privatbankiers AG, Frankfurt a.M. [81.8 points]
  5. DJE Kapital AG, Pullach [75.0 points]

“Due to the corona pandemic,” said Joachim Häger, partner and board member, ODDO BHF AG, “2020 was an extraordinarily challenging year on the stock market. Nevertheless, our asset management can come up with excellent performance figures. This is primarily thanks to our proven quality approach with an active country, sector and individual stock selection. We are pleased that we were able to secure assets for our customers in all risk classes and achieve significant added value in the equity-heavy custody accounts.”

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