Rating in the Leasing Business

Hans-Michael Heitmüller, Marijan Nemet and Oliver Everling (Publisher): Rating in the Leasing Business: Significance and Requirements Against the Background of Current Market Developments, Fritz Knapp Verlag GmbH, http://www.knapp-verlag.de/, Frankfurt am Main 2010 , 363 pages, ISBN 978-3-8314-0834-4.

The rating of leasing companies is becoming increasingly important. Because of the financial crisis, the refinancing of leasing companies is made more difficult. This makes the rating a success factor for them in the context of a broader investor approach. But even rating judgments are not free of criticism and contradiction. Appropriate standards must therefore be discussed and questioned as well as the optimal operating structure and size of the leasing company itself. The requirements for operations management and especially for risk management are constantly increasing.

For the first time in the literature, the rating of leasing companies is addressed in this book. Here, the focus is on opportunities and default risks, as they are to be assessed according to Basel II using rating scales. The aim is to clarify the procedures and assessment benchmarks with regard to leasing companies, to show approaches to implementation and to clarify the benefits and functions of ratings for leasing companies in addition to legal, tax and technical aspects.

The book is a valuable guide for anyone involved in investment and finance issues related to leasing companies. In other words, executives and professionals in banking, insurance, accounting and tax consulting firms, consulting and IT companies, law firms, regulators and authorities, credit rating agencies and research firms, and universities benefit from this book.

Hans-Michael Heitmüller, Marijan Nemet und Oliver Everling (Hrsg.): Rating im Leasinggeschäft: Bedeutung und Anforderungen vor dem Hintergrund aktueller Marktentwicklungen, Fritz Knapp Verlag GmbH, http://www.knapp-verlag.de/, Frankfurt am Main 2010, 363 Seiten, ISBN 978-3-8314-0834-4.

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