Financial Psychologist Recommends Inconspicuous Face masks

FFP2 masks are not just a question of operational risk and the operational risk rating of banks.

“You are by far our dearest customers” – this or something similar can and could be read in some German shops, the reference to the required minimum distance. In view of the ongoing pandemic and slow vaccinations, the end of the exceptional situation in interpersonal dealings is not in sight. “How should financial counselors behave now when talking to customers? What is a Corona-related basic expectation of behavior in counseling?” Janko Laumann, Institute for Applied Financial Psychology, Lecturer at FOM Bonn deals with these questions.

“Especially when customers demand a handshake,” says Janko Laumann, “it can be seen as an affront by advisors if they refuse to shake hands. Accompany the negative behavior with a small sentence: ‘Mr Müller, for your protection it would be better not to.’ So make sure your customer understands your behavior. “

Since the eyes are usually easy to see when wearing a mask, Janko Laumann recommends being particularly cordial, especially under the mask: “A mask covers a large part of the face. The facial expressions can only be guessed rather than they are really visible. Fortunately, the establishment of contact is based on evolutionary biology in such a way that the eyes play the most important role. “

The dangers lie in the fact that the reactions are not recognized under a mask. The mouth instinctively plays a major role in facial expressions when “the teeth are shown”. Janko Laumann recommends financiers speak louder, clearer words in shorter sentences, avoid filler words and be particularly careful when pronouncing number words.

Janko Laumann recommends neutral colors for the mask.

“When choosing the mask, make sure that it doesn’t catch the eye of your customers. Colorful is beautiful and red is a signal color. Colorful and red masks are therefore part of the carnival, but not part of advising customers! Avoid masks with advertising imprints or other messages. These take away any sovereignty and credibility. ” So much for a few examples from a whole series of other recommendations by the financial psychologist.

Manufacturers of FFP2 masks such as EPG Pausa GmbH from the Stolfig Group have adapted to these requirements. Red masks are also offered, which correspond to the corporate identity of savings banks, but otherwise white, blue and black masks and only in other colors upon customer request. The masks from the STOLFIG.SHOP do not show any logos in bright colors, but the logo of a financial service provider is discreetly stamped so that there are no functional restrictions for the mask can have.

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