Mitigate Operational Risks By Using FFP2 Face Masks

For companies in which employees cannot always keep a safe distance from another, the infection of individual employees and the consequential officially ordered quarantine measures can result in major economic losses.

Companies can effectively counteract this by using FFP2 masks, because FFP2 masks, in contrast to normal mouth and nose protection, also protect the wearer of the mask effectively. A filter performance of more than 94% is required here.

For companies, investing in high-quality masks has the effect of an insurance premium for all employees, with which financial relief can be achieved in the event of danger. The use of masks that employees like to wear limits operational risks and therefore tends to have a positive effect on the company rating.


EPG Pausa GmbH from Eichelhardt aims to meet this requirement with its range of FFP2 masks. “Our special offer for our customers is the possibility to have their masks manufactured with their logo, an exclusive embossing. The logo can be used on an area of ​​max. 30 x 20 mm where it can be embossed,” says Wei Hong, managing director of the German company.

However, color representations of the logo are not possible. But embossing the masks is even more worthwhile when larger quantities are required. “This special service costs € 300 plus VAT for a purchase of up to 3,000 masks. This service is free of charge when you purchase larger quantities. We can already offer the masks in white, black, red and blue. “

“We are assuming,” said the managing director, “that we will complete the certification process in December 2020 and then be able to offer certified FFP2 masks. But even now you can purchase our masks in the same quality. However, we must expressly point out that these masks are then neither medical products nor personal protective equipment. Our delivery time for your personalized masks is currently 10 working days after receipt of the order and the template for the logo with a max. production volume of 10,000 personalized masks per day. “

“In addition to the masks we produce, we can currently also offer fully certified FFP2 masks – although not from our own production,” reports the managing director.

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