Vectron’s Recurring Income Strengthens Its Rating

Vectron Systems AG (Vectron), a leading provider of intelligent, digitized cash register systems consisting of hardware, software and cloud services, with a focus on the gastronomy and bakery sectors, has created itself a better position for its credit ratings. A stable rating history is ensured in particular by sustainable, recurring income. Vectron makes use of this effect to its advantage.

The company has signed a contract with the von Allwörden Group for an extensive renewal of the cash register fleet. As the report from Vectron shows, this contract is a new way of moving away from one-off income to permanent sources of income.

With a total of 493 branches, the von Allwörden Group – i.a. with the brands “Von Allwörden”, “Nur Hier” and “Dallmeyers” – one of the largest bakery chains in Germany. With more than 225,000 installations, the listed Vectron Systems AG is one of the largest European manufacturers of POS systems. The Allwörden Group is now having a large part of its cash fleet renewed.

At the same time, all branches will be equipped with digital services such as the bonVito customer loyalty system. The customer receives hardware, software and digital services within the framework of a 60-month overall contract that will significantly increase recurring income at Vectron, says the company. Even if the exact contractual conditions – it was agreed not to disclose – are not known, it is clear that this will stabilize earnings for the next few years.

“With this innovative offer, Vectron is increasingly relying on recurring income instead of one-off sales revenues in the core business of bakeries,” explains Thomas Stümmler, CEO of Vectron Systems AG.

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