Retail Investors Benefit From the Quant IP Innovation Score

The Munich investment boutique Quant IP is launching a new tranche for private investors for its equity fund Quant IP Global Innovation Leaders Fund. This gives investors the opportunity to invest small sums in the fund or to take out a savings plan. “We want to give self-decision makers the opportunity to invest in our successful strategy and create an offer with which consultants can also reach customers with savings plans,” says Lucas von Reuss, founder and managing director of Quant IP.

The new tranche comes 15 months after the launch of the Quant IP Global Innovation Leaders Fund. The global equity fund was able to achieve a performance of almost 12 percent in this period, outperforming its benchmark MSCI World by around 6 percentage points *. The fund achieved this with comparatively lower fluctuations and thus confirmed the good results from the back test.

So far, the fund has mainly attracted independent asset managers. “We are convinced that our approach will also convince private investors – who doesn’t want to invest in the most innovative companies in the world?” This is how von Reuss sums up the fund’s basic investment idea. At Quant IP, these are identified on the basis of patent data that is quantitatively evaluated. Stock selection and portfolio construction are rule-based on the basis of the Quant IP Innovation Score, which summarizes several indicators that measure innovation growth, quality and efficiency.

Structurally, the focus in the broadly diversified portfolio is on the IT and healthcare sectors. The fund tends to be overweight in Japanese stocks and holds fewer US stocks than the benchmark. The stocks of the Japanese online group Z Holdings, the Google parent Alphabet and the computer manufacturer HP are currently heavyweights.

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