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Groundbreaking Multifunctional Monitoring and Surveillance System for Compliance with Corona Hygiene Protection Measures

Artec technologies AG (ISIN DE0005209589) is now offering a multifunctional monitoring and monitoring system for compliance with corona hygiene protection measures called MULTIEYE OverCrowding Watch App. The software is based on existing artec products that have proven themselves in practice with the support of AI-based software components. The listed software company from Diepholz, Germany, has been developing software and system solutions for the security sector under the brand name MULTIEYE since 2000.

The MULTIEYE OverCrowding Watch App detects the non-wearing of masks, measures and controls compliance with the maximum number of people in shops, restaurants, bars, at events or in buses, trains, etc., has a person-direction detection at entrances and exits as well as others features. Several sensors can be connected to the system, so that larger objects such as shopping centers and event areas with many entrances and exits can be controlled.

The software signals acoustically and visually on information displays and on control monitors as soon as a customer approaches the access area without a mask or the maximum permissible number of people is exceeded. The OverCrowding Watch app also enables statistical evaluations to analyze the implementation of hygiene measures. The OverCrowding Watch app is operated in accordance with the provisions of the GDPR.

Artec technologies AG seems to continue its success story. In addition to the new developments, the company has concluded numerous maintenance and support contracts in the past few weeks. Customers are both security and broadcast customers. They include, for example, a media company and a sports academy from Qatar, a sports broadcaster from France and a security agency from Germany.

The terms are between 12 and 36 months. In total, the orders are worth € 250,000. In addition, artec expects further maintenance and support contracts in the amount of € 250,000 to € 300,000 in the fourth quarter of 2020. With incoming orders of more than € 0.5 million, artec will post a record in the service business this year. The service business is characterized by easily predictable sales and attractive margins.

In the case of smaller solutions in particular, customers rely on support contracts that include telephone support and email support. The maintenance contracts include the maintenance as well as the repair of the artec systems, depending on the customer. In particular in the cloud business and when using the MULTIEYE BOS Manager, a system for situation centers and control centers of authorities and organizations with security tasks (BOS), in the private cloud of the authorities, a regular visual inspection of the hardware as well as the automated and manual software-based error analysis takes place during operation . In this way, problems can be discovered at an early stage before they disrupt live operation. Maintenance contracts often also include the provision of minor updates and software upgrades.

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