First Quality Check On A Credit Reporting Agency: Creditsafe

This article is about the credit reporting agency Creditsafe, the performance of the company and a concrete example of what a credit report from Creditsafe looks like in practice. Details of the offer are examined and discussed in detail. We carry out a fact check based on the official data from the Federal Gazette of the Federal Republic of Germany.

With more than 1,200 employees, including 120 in Germany, Creditsafe provides business information and financials to over 115,000 customers with over 365 million company data from 160 countries and from more than 8,000 sources. This is roughly an average of more than 300,000 company data per employee, who supports over 500,000 users for 450,000 decisions every day with the data provided by Creditsafe. Company data is updated five million times a day from local sources. This provides insight into the thousands of business events that occur every day. About 60% of reports available online contain payment details from suppliers.

The presentation of Creditsafe is followed by a concrete example. This is a demanding case because it looks so simple and easy to understand at first glance. The example company looks simple, because it is a music house. The business model is very simple. Buying musical instruments from suppliers, selling to customers. But the music house is a wholly owned subsidiary of a parent company. The parent company was founded six years earlier because it focuses on online sales and the entrepreneur previously worked as a sole trader with his family business. The subsidiary does not make use of the permitted exemptions from separate accounting. This raises the question of whether Creditsafe still achieves an appropriate credit rating. In the following, you will first read general information about Creditsafe and the activities of this credit agency.

Creditsafe is fortunate to have an extensive and ever growing database of up-to-date company information. As the database expands and increases the wealth of data Creditsafe holds, they must evaluate whether this data contains information that is indicative of company stability or future insolvency. Creditsafe must also re-validate whether previous indicators of future insolvency or stability remain true. In both cases, it is likely that adjustments to the scorecard will be needed to improve predictability.

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To differentiate linguistically, Creditsafe calls its customers sometimes “partners” because customers are companies that in turn obtain information about other companies. Creditsafe partners can add companies from Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Finland, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Canada, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain and USA to a list for which is monitored via email.

Because not all countries use a value from 1 to 100, Creditsafe is using a rating scale from A to E. This rating scale should make it easier to compare the credit risk of companies across national borders. A is the lowest risk, D is the highest, and E means that no assessment has been made.

Creditsafe accesses data on more than 49,000 active listed companies in over 165 countries around the world, as well as hard-to-find historical data on all non-trading companies involved in asset and real estate management:

  • Name, address and contact details of the company (fully verified),
  • Description of the main business activity,
  • Complete data on shareholders and owners,
  • Credit rating and maximum credit limit,
  • Geographical breakdown of sales and turnover,
  • Information about important competitors,
  • Annual and interim reports,
  • Sales, profit and loss accounts,
  • Balance sheets and cash flow,
  • Key balance sheet indicators,
  • Current and former directors,
  • Information about holding companies and subsidiaries,
  • Corporate ties.

The massive use of electronic data processing not only enables this high productivity unimaginable just a few decades ago, but also enables users to check their customers’ credit and financial data in real time. Unlike other credit bureaus, Creditsafe does not save historical reports, but checks all companies about which no information is available immediately. Whenever a report is not immediately available online for review, the company in question is re-examined to collect current, trustworthy information. Creditsafe wants to be able to serve research orders within five and a half days.

Integrating Creditsafe data with a customer relationship management system should be child’s play thanks to preconfigured apps for Salesforce, Sage, SugarCRM, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, etc. Creditsafe apps should make manual entry and updating of customer data unnecessary and thus save time and resources. An option for the immediate creation and updating of data records is intended to correct and rely on the data.

The application programming interface makes the following systems available for Creditsafe:

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Telephone searches, stock indices, local agents, branches, official gazettes, payment histories, news, banks, directories, courts and registration authorities are among the sources of information (for researching registration addresses, see Civil Address).

Creditsafe also provides mass and individualized data in a file tailored to the ideas of the respective partner. With hundreds of selectable fields that support all aspects of the business, the content is designed to meet the specific requirements. Such files can be securely provided in a format of your choice, daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly.

Via a programming interface, Creditsafe enables integration into customer-specific Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and thus the consistent alignment of a company with its customers and the systematic design of customer relationship processes. The programming interface – Application Programming Interface, API for short – is the part of the program that is made available by a software system to other programs for connection to the system.

With Connect API, data should be integrated into the systems mentioned and users should have the opportunity to use Creditsafe business data in any required way. Direct real-time access to company data is intended to enable employees to make quick and informed decisions with data that the company can trust and that allow the development of new functions and automated processes.

If Creditsafe is connected to one of the systems mentioned, the following tasks should be possible:

  • Checking the creditworthiness of suppliers and customers,
  • Representation of corporate ties,
  • Representation of beneficial owners,
  • Credit ratings for companies worldwide,
  • Continuous monitoring,
  • Financial indicators,
  • Current and historical balance sheet numbers,
  • Check for debtor register entries / bankruptcies.

Creditsafe supports customer and credit decisions in companies with creditworthiness information about private individuals, whose data comes from publicly accessible sources. This data is continuously supplemented by data from national and international partners and by manual research. Negative features include recorded in bankruptcy and debtor registers. Overview of all companies in which a natural person is a manager or in which they hold shares (see also Palturai).

The Creditsafe Data Cleaning Tool is a solution to improve data quality and is available in a total of 14 countries to correct duplicates, errors and outdated information, to identify inactive companies and data with a lot of information (such as company master data, balance sheet data, credit ratings, credit limits and contact information) ) enrich.

The Creditsafe Compliance Check supports the identification of potentially high-risk business relationships and their continuous monitoring (monitoring), for example in the case of current and previous sanctions against companies and private individuals, for the identification of Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) and in the search for court judgments, negative reporting and bankruptcies .

What does a company search on the platform of “” deliver? In the following you will see what creditsafe has to offer, what information to expect and how key performance indicators are calculated. Screenshots as of August 2020 guide you through the Creditsafe cockpit. Click on the screenshots in the text below to overlay images on the current page and see more details.

As the example of the music store shows, a professional assessment of creditworthiness cannot be replaced by looking at a few key figures. In the presentation of Creditsafe, the credit index and risk score reflect the good creditworthiness of the music store, which is based among other factors on high profitability, but not on a high equity ratio. Equity is created in the parent company, the results of the wholly-owned subsidiary are always transferred to the parent company, and any losses would be offset by the parent company. It is only through an overall view of all the relevant assessment criteria that Creditsafe can come to a plausible credit rating of the company’s creditworthiness.

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