Next Generation Financial Services: Digital transformation and new services

Oliver Everling and Robert Lempka (editors): Next Generation Financial Services: Digital Transformation and New Services, Frankfurt am Main 2020, Frankfurt School Verlag, 480 pages, ISBN (print) 978-3-95647-176-6.

The digital transformation of the financial industry is in full swing. On the one hand there are consolidation and cooperation processes between banks and fintechs as well as between fintechs among themselves, on the other hand new digital providers, services and products keep coming onto the market. These new offers open up strategic and market potential for the industry and generate new customer behavior. The entire industry is subject to constant change and a high degree of innovation on the part of both the provider and the customer.

The book presents this digital transformation process in the financial sector and describes various digital services and business cases. Established providers discuss their digital strategy, established fintechs describe their business models and new start-ups present their innovative products and services. The book thus provides a profound overview of the status quo and the further progress of digitization in the financial industry.

The authors come from the financial services industry, fintechs, consulting firms and academia. They give the book a high topicality and practical relevance. The book is aimed at those in the industry who are involved in digital strategy and product development and who are significantly driving the digital transformation of the financial industry.

Oliver Everling und Robert Lempka (Herausgeber): Finanzdienstleister der nächsten Generation – Digitale Transformation und neue Dienstleistungen. Frankfurt am Main 2020, Frankfurt School Verlag, 480 Seiten, ISBN (print) 978-3-95647-043-1.

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