Risk Profiling With Investors: Analyze Customer Profiles Appropriately and Use Them in Consulting

Oliver Everling and Monika Müller (publisher): Risk profiling with investors: aptly analyze customer profiles and use them in consulting, Bank Verlag, http://www.bank-verlag-shop.de/, Cologne, 2nd, revised and expanded edition, 507 pages, Cologne 2018, ISBN 978-3-86556-506-8.

Consultants and “Robo-Advisor” must ensure that their investment recommendation reflects the risk appetite and financial viability of the client. Both economic and psychological aspects are important. An economic aspect of the risk assessment is, for example, the financial situation of the customer, which constitutes an important cornerstone of MiFID-compliant advice. These include the individual income and asset situation as well as necessary risk buffers. The psychological component deals with the customer’s risk attitude, which is based on previous personal experiences, assessments and personality traits such as risk-taking or risk perception.

The book presents in practice the latest methods and systems of risk profiling with investors and aims in particular at examining and documenting the economic and legal design possibilities of concepts as well as individual risk profiling with investors.

Oliver Everling und Monika Müller (Herausgeber): Risikoprofiling mit Anlegern: Kundenprofile treffend analysieren und in der Beratung nutzen, Bank Verlag, http://www.bank-verlag-shop.de/, Köln, 2., überarbeitete und erweiterte Auflage, 507 Seiten, Köln 2018, ISBN 978-3-86556-506-8.

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