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Werner Gleißner, and Oliver Everling (publisher): Rating Software. Which Products Are Used by Whom ?, Verlag Franz Vahlen, http://www.vahlen.de, Munich 2007, 448 pages, ISBN 978-3-8006-3248-0.

For many medium-sized companies, the question of improving their own rating results is currently being raised, even if they want to compete for debt capital in the future after the Basel consultation paper comes into force in 2006. For this purpose, a variety of rating software offers already exist on the market.

However, as a rule, the software application does not provide sufficient transparency as to which evaluation methods and weighting of the partial results are carried out. Therefore, it makes sense to use a decision support in the choice of rating software and to evaluate the software used accordingly.

In Part I of the book, based on the methodology and the requirements of a rating based on the Basel II Accord, the requirements for a rating software are described by the publishers and their evaluation criteria are presented. In addition, the design variants of the software are systematized. Furthermore, the state and development tendencies of this expanding field of application are shown.

In Part II, well-known authors from the rating advisory sector compare and rate the rating software products available on the market. In doing so, both the scope and the system of presentation are strictly defined for the individual contributions in order to make the comparative assessment objective.

Parts III and IV present various rating software systems, highlighting both bank-specific features and the application of the software and concrete experience reports.

The book is best for specialists and executives of medium-sized companies, credit institutions, tax consultants, auditors and management consultancies.

Werner Gleißner, und Oliver Everling (Herausgeber): Rating-Software. Welche Produkte nutzen wem?, Verlag Franz Vahlen, http://www.vahlen.de, München 2007, 448 Seiten, ISBN 978-3-8006-3248-0.

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