Rating Custodians and Master Investment Companies

Volker Braunberger, Oliver Everling and Uwe Rieken (publisher): Rating of Custodians and Master-KAG: Investor Protection and Efficiency Enhancement for Institutional Investors, Gabler Verlag – Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden GmbH, http://www.gabler.de, Wiesbaden 2011, 316 pages , ISBN 978-3-8349-2578-7.

The book shows institutional investors how to use the design options that have been allowed since the Circular on Banking Supervision in practice. Testimonials, as well as contributions on future perspectives and new ideas present ways to assess and implement master investment company concepts. A rating of master investment trusts and custodian banks examines the extent to which cooperation with international asset managers is facilitated, the uniformity of the reporting of several asset managers, the inclusion of proprietary investments in consolidated reporting, and the reduction of depreciation risks. Making the right decisions about the custodian and master investment company can make distributions more flexible and easier to manage asset exchanges.

Volker Braunberger, Oliver Everling und Uwe Rieken (Herausgeber): Rating von Depotbank und Master-KAG: Anlegerschutz und Effizienzsteigerung für institutionelle Kapitalanleger, Gabler Verlag – Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden GmbH, http://www.gabler.de, Wiesbaden 2011, 316 Seiten, ISBN 978-3-8349-2578-7.

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