Next Generation Financial Services: The New Digital Power of Customers

Oliver Everling and Robert Lempka (Publisher): Next Generation Financial Services: The New Digital Power of Customers, 1st Edition Frankfurt am Main 2013, Frankfurt School Verlag, 462 pages, ISBN 978-3-940913-62-3.

The Internet and the digital revolution have changed society and the economy on an unprecedented scale. After industries such as publishing or retail have been fundamentally reoriented in recent years, the financial sector is still lagging behind in this development. The book shows how the financial industry is changing and what new business models and opportunities are emerging.

This book is about presenting trends in the financial industry and presenting new business models made possible by the digital revolution and the resulting strengthening of the customer. It identifies adaptation processes and changes that the financial sector faces not only through the potential of the Internet, but also through the use of a wide range of different end-user devices that bank customers of the past will use to communicate with their financial service providers. As a scientifically founded and practice-oriented compendium, the book offers concrete benefits for investors and decision-makers.

It will address internet industry readers as well as bankers and other financial service providers, as well as rating agencies, venture capitalists, seed financiers, business angels, investors, consultants, headhunters, academics and business journalists.

Oliver Everling und Robert Lempka (Herausgeber): Finanzdienstleister der nächsten Generation: Die neue digitale Macht der Kunden, 1. Auflage Frankfurt am Main 2013, Frankfurt School Verlag, 462 Seiten, ISBN 978-3-940913-62-3.

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