Next Generation Financial Services: Megatrend Digitization – Strategies and Business Models

Oliver Everling and Robert Lempka (editors): Next Generation Financial Services: Megatrend Digitization – Strategies and Business Models, Frankfurt am Main 2016, Frankfurt School Verlag, 436 pages, ISBN (print) 978-3-95647-043-1.

The Internet and the digital revolution are changing society and the economy on an unprecedented scale. This trend is also visible in the financial services sector: “FinTechs” are pushing retail markets forward with innovative (online) services and giving completely new impetus to traditional business areas. Until now unfulfilled customer expectations are satisfied, at the same time new customer wishes are awakened. Keywords such as social banking, mobile payment, personal finance management and crowdfunding are examples of this development. Established providers of financial services face the strategic question of which innovations are really promising for the future and which path they want to take in the future in this demanding environment.

The focus of the book on next-generation financial service providers, therefore, are the following questions:

  • What are the customer preferences in the financial services markets of tomorrow?
  • What innovative product and service offerings exist today and how do new providers position themselves?
  • How can established financial service providers successfully make their way into the digital world?
  • Which future prospects do innovative financial service providers have with their digital process and business models?

As a scientifically founded yet practice-oriented compendium, the book offers concrete benefits for decision-makers from the finance and IT sectors as well as for investors interested in the fintech market. It addresses readers from the internet industry as well as banks and other financial service providers, as well as rating agencies, venture capitalists, seed financiers, business angels, consultants, headhunters, scientists and business journalists.

Oliver Everling und Robert Lempka (Herausgeber): Finanzdienstleister der nächsten Generation: Megatrend Digitalisierung: Strategien und Geschäftsmodelle, Frankfurt am Main 2016, Frankfurt School Verlag, 436 Seiten, ISBN (print) 978-3-95647-043-1.

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