Financial Communication: Opportunities Through Credit Mediation

Frank Armbruster, Oliver Everling and Rainer Langen (publisher): Financial Communication: Opportunities through Credit Mediation, Bank-Verlag Medien GmbH,, Cologne 2011, Art. 22,474-1100, ISBN 978-3-86556-262-3.

At the end of 2009, the Federal Government of Germany decided to commission a credit intermediary with the implementation of the credit intermediation procedure. Since then, a number of different private-sector offers have been established on the market – all with the aim of building bridges of understanding between entrepreneurs and banks, overcoming misunderstandings in communication and providing solutions for goal-oriented cooperation in financing issues. Credit mediation should help to improve the supply of the middle class with credits. Credit mediators are independent mediators between the financial and real economy.

Proper financial communication is an essential part of successful corporate governance. Because good financial communication promotes the growth potential of a company and the associated employment effects. The bank does not know how the individual entrepreneur is “ticking”. The best way to solve this problem is to create a win-win situation for the bank and the entrepreneur. The loan mediator will help prepare for the bank conversation, analyze business models or provide public support programs.

Frank Armbruster, Oliver Everling und Rainer Langen (Herausgeber): Finanzkommunikation: Chancen durch Kreditmediation, Bank-Verlag Medien GmbH,, Köln 2011, Art.-Nr. 22.474-1100, ISBN 978-3-86556-262-3.

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