CleanTech Rating: CleanTech Investment and Financing – Companies and Projects

Oliver Everling (Editor): Cleantech Rating: Investment and Financing of Cleantech – Companies and Projects, Kindle Edition (Amazon Media EU S.à rl), RATING EVIDENCE GmbH, 1st Edition Frankfurt am Main 2015, 268 pages, ASIN: B00QFNHAQ8.

“Cleantech” is not a new buzzword, but names the consistent continuation of a fundamental trend. Clean technologies encompass all products and services that have a positive and sustainable impact on the environment, climate change and humans. Sustainable, efficient and environmentally friendly use of our planet’s scarce resources so that humankind can continue to survive in the long term and sustainably will remain a challenge for science and practice in the long term. This includes both vertical applications and horizontal base technologies.

We do not want to anticipate the definitions of our authors. For example, “cleantech” in this book covers a variety of sectors and subsegments. The rating, ranking or scoring of companies in the field of “cleantech” and the opportunities offered to them is therefore based on the idea of ​​bringing transparency to many investors in an opaque market. The book offers a forum for discussing the nature and design of rating sentences. “Rating” is understood as a generic term for any type of classification for the purpose of preparing investment and financing decisions.

By placing the title on the view of investors or decision makers, the reader should be offered a publication that, although scientifically sound, is rather positioned as a practice-oriented compendium with concrete benefits for those affected. Thus, there is a broad target group for this book: investors in cleantech companies, cleantech entrepreneurs, asset managers, foundations, (eg church) pension funds, financial advisors, investment brokers, banks, insurance companies and other financial service providers, consultants, scientists, business journalists and last but not least – private investors from the entire German-speaking area.

Authors of the book: Jan G. Andreas, Dr. Michael Brandkamp, ​​dr. Matthias Gündel, Thomas Hellener, Christoph Herr, Prof. Dr. Johannes Hoffmann, Wilhelm Kötting, Daniela Kramer, Dr. Ing. Bernd Kreuter, Ingmar Kruse, Dieter Pape, Dr. Ralf-Rainer Piesold, Michael Wilkins, Axel Wilhelm, Stefanie Zillikens.

Oliver Everling (Herausgeber): Cleantech Rating: Investition und Finanzierung von Cleantech – Unternehmen und ProjekteKindle Edition (Amazon Media EU S.à r.l.), RATING EVIDENCE GmbH, 1. Auflage Frankfurt am Main 2015, 268 Seiten, ASIN: B00QFNHAQ8.

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