Basel III: Impact of the New Banking Supervision Law on SMEs

Oliver Everling and Rainer Langen (publisher): Basel III: Effects of the New Banking Supervision Law on the Mittelstand, Bank-Verlag GmbH, 1st Edition Cologne 2013, 199 pages, Art. 22486-1300, ISBN 978-3-86556-354-5.

The book is aimed in particular at the corporate clients of banks who, as with Basel II, are now asking about the consequences of Basel III for optimizing their financing.

The book follows the concept of a collage of papers, statements, and numerous advice – loosened up by interviews – and shows various different perspectives and concrete practical solutions for future SME financing, which should lead to a successful cooperation of entrepreneurs and investors.

The content is structured as follows:

  • General: Regulatory changes – from Basel II to Basel III
  • Bank overview: How is lending policy changing in competition?
  • Entrepreneurship: Consequences in SME financing
  • Solutions at the interface of corporate account managers and entrepreneurs
  • Tips for entrepreneurs (financing, bank discussion, rating process)
  • Special topics (real estate, Austria)

Oliver Everling und Rainer Langen (Herausgeber): Basel III: Auswirkungen des neuen Bankenaufsichtsrechts auf den MittelstandBank-Verlag GmbH, 1. Auflage Köln 2013, 199 Seiten, Art.-Nr. 22.486-1300, ISBN 978-3-86556-354-5.

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